Staff members have delivered speeches to national conferences and written articles on the following topics:


Associated Air Balance Council TAB Journal


Thomas Schlachter: The Value of Submittal Box Testing

AABC TAB Journal Winter 2018 Issue

Gaylon Richardson: One Objective, Many Benefits

AABC TAB Journal Fall 2017 Issue

Guy Griffin: Terminal Box DDC Controls Startup

AABC TAB Journal Summer 2017 Issue

Terry Wright: Limitations of Fan Filter Units

AABC TAB Journal Summer 2015 Issue

Justin Garner: What's All the FUSS About Arc Flash and Electrical Safety?

AABC TAB Journal Spring 2015 Issue

Kane Lassiter: Variable Volume Grease Hoods

AABC TAB Journal Spring 2015 Issue

Gar Conaway: When a Right Angle is Wrong

AABC TAB Journal Fall 2013 Issue

Glenn Varner: False Loading Cooling Coils: Does it Work?

AABC TAB Journal Fall 2013 Issue

Kit Brockles: The IAQ Plan: An Underrated Essential

AABC TAB Journal Summer 2013 Issue

Kevin Underwood: System Effect, Case Study

AABC TAB Journal Spring 2013 Issue

Bryan “Chip” Lacy: Testing Issues with Temporary Flexible Ductwork

AABC TAB Journal Winter 2013 Issue


AABC Cx Group (ACG)


David Harrell: Performance & Capacity Testing of Components CxEnergy Conference 2017 Presentations

Gaylon Richardson: Control Verification CxEnergy Conference 2017 Presentations

Justin Garner: Commissioning Emergency Power Systems in Healthcare Settings CxEnergy Conference 2016 Presentations

Gaylon Richardson: AABC National Standards for Total System Balance, 7th Edition: A Guided Tour CxEnergy Conference 2016 Presentations

Justin Garner: TAB and Commissioning Working Together: Verifying Control Systems CxEnergy Conference 2015 Presentations