“Your company has set a standard of excellence in the business community in Houston that the rest of us can only hope to emulate with our business performance.”

- Robert Sproule, P.E.
  President, Class One Controls

“I’ve noticed over the years, that regardless of who is on the project team from EAB, the team member always provides a very consistent high quality of client service and skill level.”

- Kip Hanzlicek, P.E.

“EAB has always done what everyone else now desires from our industry. They have been pace setters in TAB.”

- Kenneth M. Fulk, P.E.
  Reed, Wells, Benson and Company

“One of the best professional relationships I have established over the past 35 years here in Houston has been with you and the staff at EAB….EAB has set the bar for HVAC system balancing and commissioning in this town and I am very proud to have been associated with your team.”

– Jim Dall; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center