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28 years


"EAB has presented an avenue for me to continually advance my technical knowledge, management skills and industry support base. I also can’t take for granted the lasting friendships I’ve made with my co-workers, contractors and clients over the years."
Chase Copeland

Career Progression

Career Progression


Chase joined EAB as a Technician in Training. Previously, Chase worked in residential construction.


Chase’s first large healthcare project as a Project Supervisor was the Baylor College of Medicine Specialty Care Center. It consisted of a 6-level interior buildout with a variety of different uses such as administration areas, clinical spaces, operating rooms, imaging suites, and patient rooms. Chase was equipped with the technical knowledge he needed to overcome the challenges this project presented to him. EAB has since been involved in multiple other buildouts and additions within the facility.


Chase built a strong relationship with Clear Creek ISD and oversaw 14 overlapping projects for the district. His teams’ hard work and client support, as well as their commitment to EAB’s core values opened the doors for future work with the district.


Chase oversaw the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Victory Lakes Specialty Care Center project. This campus addition consisted of critical patient areas including a labor and delivery wing, emergency department and an operating suite. During this time, Chase became a Project Coordinator. He continues to support a variety of projects for UTMB.


Chase became a Certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) through theAssociated Air Balance Council (AABC).


Chase was a Project Coordinator for the MD Anderson HAL League City Campus project in 2017. This was the first time Chase led a project that incorporated a large common-plenum HVAC system. Soon after the start of the first project, Chase headed up a second project at MD Anderson, the HAL West Houston Campus project. During this project, Chase developed specialized testing procedures for a building automation system new to the industry and procedures for testing HVAC system occupancy sensor integration. Working on two similar projects back-to-back allowed him to transform lessons learned into effective work practices.


Chase’s first major project as a Project Manager was the UTMB - John Sealy Hospital renovation project. This was a complete renovation of an existing eleven-story hospital with multiple phases that included faculty and patients occupying surrounding areas of the hospital. Chase faced the challenges of a building-wide pressure-dependent return and exhaust air system. He overcame this challenge and provided processes to support the large system phased turnovers effectively.


Chase assumed the role of Houston Branch Safety Manager, an active role facilitating safety training, protocols, and procedures to keep EAB employees safe at work while still actively managing major projects for University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston and Houston Methodist Hospital.

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More About Chase

More About

Which of these core values (Integrity, Quality, Consistency and Teamwork) do you most identify with, and what does it mean to you?

Integrity. I have always taken pride in showing integrity as a person in my day-to-day life. It is a quality I pass on to my children and admire in others. I am glad EAB holds it as a core value for their business.

What is your ideal room temperature, and why?

70 degrees because it is just cool enough to feel cozy under the covers when I sleep.

What is your absolute favorite thing about working for EAB?

The EAB team feels like family. It’s apparent that everyone cares, respects, and enjoys time with each other both in and out of the workplace.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to design automobiles for a major American auto manufacturer.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I enjoy hunting, rebuilding classic vehicles, and weekends at the lake with my family.

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