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Francisco Valentine



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29 years


"I appreciate the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained over my career. It is my hope that some bit of wisdom that I share with the students will make the road easier for them. There is nothing like in-person training, and when it’s combined with great instruction and hands-on application, the students get the best conditions from which to learn and retain what they have learned. EAB’s commitment to hands-on training with knowledgeable trainers, high-value content, and a first-class facility is highly commendable. We aim to exceed expectations and provide a student experience they will never forget and always appreciate."
Francisco Valentine

Career Progression

Career Progression


Francisco received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at West Virginia University in 1992. He received a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Fellowship and began the Master of Science program at West Virginia University. Over the next two years, he completed the required coursework and worked for two summers with aerospace engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


Francisco accepted a position as an Engineering Technician at Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation in Sedalia, West Virginia. He was later promoted to Operations Engineer in Strasburg, Virginia. His main priority was to ensure the proper operation and optimum efficiency of the natural gas transmission pipeline system.


Francisco received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at West Virginia University. His thesis was titled “Effect of Debris-Induced Lift-off on Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection Results.”


In 2000, Francisco accepted a Senior Project Engineer position at Select Energy Services, Inc. and ESCO (Energy Services Company). This opportunity encompassed two roles – energy project development engineer and mechanical and plumbing design engineer. These roles prepared Francisco for future work in industrial, medical, commercial, government, and educational facilities.


Francisco’s new role as an engineering consultant and Principal for Premier Energy Services, LLC, in Columbia, Maryland, created a new passion for his work as he entered the engineering consulting world. In this role, Francisco provided mechanical design, energy project development for ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contract) projects, commissioning, retro-commissioning, and test and balance services. In addition, he was an expert witness in three separate cases.


In 2017, Francisco accepted a new role as a Control Systems Engineer for Electrical Automation Services, Inc (EASI). This position entailed the creation of ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) submittals, performed select TAB work to support controls retrofits, equipment controls retrofits, retro-commissioning, service calls, forensic analysis, and field troubleshooting as needed. During this time, he created an Excel database of parts to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the Bill of Materials. He also started a Visio standards library to reduce the time it takes to create ATC submittals.


Francisco accepted a Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Engineer position at W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor in Jacksonville, Florida. His role entailed the review of raw TAB Reports generated by field technicians for completeness, consistency, and compliance with National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) standards, editing the TAB reports as required, drafting the report summaries, ensuring that all TAB instruments were calibrated, and provided price proposals for all TAB work. Francisco’s leadership was essential in assisting and supporting the field technicians.


Francisco worked as a Control Systems Programmer for Brooks Building Solutions in Jacksonville, Florida. In this position, the responsibilities included integrating packaged equipment, providing BAS design and programming, performing point-to-point checkouts, verifying sequences of operation, verifying controller communication, commissioning supervisory and field controllers, generating Building Automation System (BAS) graphics, assisting TAB firms with balancing, configuring BAS work stations, and training customers to use the BAS.


Francisco works as a Control Systems Engineer for Davisystems, LLC in Frederick, Maryland. This position entails the creation of ATC submittals, integration of packaged equipment, BAS programming, point-to-point checkout, device calibration, verification of sequences of operations, verification of controller communication, commissioning of supervisory and field controllers, generation of Building Automation System (BAS) graphics, assisting TAB firms with balancing, the configuration of work stations, troubleshooting, and training of the customers.


Francisco currently serves as a Training Instructor at EAB Training. We are incredibly grateful for his leadership and the over 20 years of experience he brings to the team.

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More About

Which of these core values (Integrity, Quality, Consistency and Teamwork) do you most identify with, and what does it mean to you?

Integrity. I believe that integrity is the bedrock upon which the other core values stand. Without it, you don’t have much. Doing the right thing is often the more difficult path. It typically requires more effort, study, sacrifice, time, and commitment. Integrity not only means being honest with yourself and others, but it also means keeping your commitments. In short, can you and your results be counted on?

What is your ideal room temperature, and why?

76°F-80°F depending on the humidity level. I was born in the Philippines and have always preferred warmer temperatures.

What is your absolute favorite thing about working for EAB?

What did you want to be when you were little?

An airplane pilot.

What do you like to do on your days off?

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