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Glenn Varner






28 years


"I have loved watching how EAB has grown over the past 40 years into the industry leader in Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning."
Glenn Varner

Career Progression

Career Progression


Glenn met Gaylon Richardson while he was working as a carpenter at the construction of the new JC Penney Store in Waco, Texas. Gaylon and his team were onsite providing Testing and Balancing services. After a short discussion about Glenn’s upcoming graduation from Texas State Technical College, Gaylon encouraged Glenn to keep in touch.


Upon his graduation, Glenn reached out to Gaylon, who connected him with Earl Underwood. Earl quickly hired Glenn as a Field Technician.

1984 – 1986

One of Glenn’s first Project Supervisor jobs was the Trammell Crow Center project. Glenn was in charge of daily operations and the go-to person on the ground. He continued servicing Trammell Crow Company for the next 15 years and to date EAB is still the preferred test and balance vendor for the Trammell Crow Center.


Glenn tested one of the first direct digital control systems alongside Earl Underwood at UT Southwestern.

1991 – 1992

The Federal Reserve Bank was one of Glenn’s most sophisticated projects. As the project coordinator onsite, Glenn was in charge of the multiple teams needed to deliver an optimum operating facility.


Glenn helped establish EAB standards for job-site safety.

1999 – 2011

Glenn was an Advisory Board member and Chairman for the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program at Texas State Technical College.

2003 – 2005

One of the largest projects Glenn has ever worked on was the DFW Airport project. The project was so large that it split the Dallas office in half. The team serviced five areas in the airport: Terminal D, Terminal D Parking Garage, the new 300-room Grand Hyatt Hotel, Skybridge to Terminal C, plus the central plant servicing the entire airport. Glenn oversaw all of these operations.

2004 – 2016

Glenn served as EAB Corporate Training Manager for 12 years.

2005 – 2016

Glenn served as EAB’s Corporate Safety Manager for 11 years.

2016 – 2018

Another one of Glenn’s largest projects was the One-Toyota North American Headquarters project. Glenn was the Field Operations Manager for the Dallas Branch, and he oversaw all supporting roles and provided solutions to deliver an optimum operating facility.


Since 2014, Glenn has worked as Field Operations Manager at the Dallas branch.

Glenn's Specialties

More About Glenn

More About

Which of these core values (Integrity, Quality, Consistency and Teamwork) do you most identify with, and what does it mean to you?

Integrity because it is the very foundation EAB was founded upon and must always be maintained.

What is your ideal room temperature, and why?

73 Dry Bulb (dry bulb temperature can be indicated with a thermometer), 61 Wet Bulb (a measure of how much moisture or water vapor is present in the air). This is the ideal room temperature, not too cold, not too hot.

What is your absolute favorite thing about working for EAB?

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be an oceanographer. Growing up, I watched a TV series called Sea Hunt, starring Lloyd Bridges as former Navy diver Mike Nelson. This show inspired me to learn about scuba diving and the undersea world. I was fortunate enough to accomplish that goal by becoming certified as a Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster.

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off, I enjoy scuba diving, boating, and fishing; but I mostly enjoy spending time with my family, especially my granddaughter.

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