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Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. is the leading authority in Total Building Commissioning, encompassing HVAC commissioning, electrical commissioning, plumbing and life safety. As experts in our field, the dedicated team that staffs our commissioning projects are separate from our testing and balancing staff. The two independent teams allow us to provide objective, third-party services to owners.

EAB serves as the owner’s advocate throughout the programming, design, construction, and warranty phases.

Healthcare Commissioning

While healthcare facilities vary in size and complexity, the primary purpose of these facilities is to care for the well-being of people. The need for Healthcare Facility Commissioning is paramount to ensure the operation of a facility protects patients and staff in accordance with the engineering design intent and the goals of the building owner or operator.

EAB recognizes and understands the innate complexity of the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and life safety systems in today’s modern healthcare facilities. Our dedicated Building Commissioning Team works to ensure the engineering design intent is achieved and maintained through the vital service of healthcare facility commissioning.

K-12 Commissioning

EAB proudly serves K-12 schools and has worked with over 100 school districts throughout the State of Texas.

Since the adoption of IECC 2015 by the State of Texas and other jurisdictions, the commissioning process is required to be performed by an independent firm on the HVAC, lighting, domestic hot water, and renewable energy systems in commercial buildings. EAB is uniquely suited to help Owners achieve compliance with this code requirement.

Through our experience in the K-12 industry, we realize the need for quick timelines that do not interfere with the students, administrative, or teachers’ schedules, and activities. With unmatched thoroughness and continuous reliability, our team efficiently delivers an optimum operating facility within the specified time frame.

Higher Education Commissioning

EAB is specifically trained, technically astute, and responsive to the requirements of higher education facilities. Our team proudly serves many prestigious colleges and universities.

While having expert knowledge of complex buildings and systems, our team provides Building Commissioning services throughout the campus. From research laboratories and student centers to dormitories and athletic facilities, EAB has the capabilities and experience to review and measure all aspects of building performance.

At EAB, our team is dedicated to ensuring comfort and safety at every level.  We work to find solutions that meet your unique needs while planning projects to maximize continued operations and campus activities. 

Commercial Building Commissioning

From mega high-rise office spaces, to banking and insurance centers, to major retail outlets, to restaurant chains nationwide, EAB has been afforded the opportunity to work on almost every type of commercial building space in existence.

Our team understands the specific needs of commercial tenant buildout spaces as well as the infrastructure needed to support mega high-rise buildings. Through years of experience testing ventilation systems, we have gleaned extensive knowledge in kitchen ventilation, retail space ventilation, and the unique needs of variable occupancy buildings.

With the advent of underfloor air distribution systems prevalent in these settings, EAB has pioneered unique ways to verify challenging systems and assist designers and contractors in the installation and operation of high-performance, energy-efficient systems for today’s commercial office buildings.

hvac air balancing

Existing Building Commissioning

We also offer existing building commissioning services, providing property owners and facility managers with a valuable tool for enhancing the operation of existing systems. Whether specific problems exist with MEPLS systems or energy conservation is a goal, our team of technical experts can provide guidance and technical assistance to ensure comfort and achieve an optimum operating facility.

Energy Management

Whether a building has older HVAC and electrical systems or is a modern facility trying to reduce energy costs, our technically astute Commissioning Team can help evaluate energy conservation strategies and provide a value based approach to investigation, implementation and on-going operations to help building owners achieve their energy management goals.  With personnel certified by the American Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the Energy Management Association (EMA), our team brings years of experience and practical hands-on knowledge to help achieve an optimum operating facility.

Building Commissioning
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Commissioning is an integral part of attaining LEED certification. EAB assists design and construction teams with fulfilling sustainable initiatives for various prerequisite requirements and credits for LEED New Construction: Core & Shell, Healthcare, and Schools

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