EAB has had the privilege of working for world renowned medical research institutions, national biocontainment facilities, and industrial research facilities. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise has prepared us to work in any laboratory environment.  

From pressurization requirements to mission critical equipment to highly complex sequences of operation with integration between all building systems, our team has the experience and technical knowledge to perform TAB services and building commissioning in any type of laboratory facility.  

Our team is specifically trained to understand the complexities of controls, integration, redundancy, and continuous operation requirements that are common with any critical laboratory facility and especially existing facilities in operation. 

University of Houston Clear Lake – STEM Building

University of Houston Clear Lake – STEM BuildingEAB played a pivotal role during the construction of the new state-of-the-art, 121,000 square foot Science, Technology, Engineering and Math building at the University of Houston at Clear Lake Campus. The addition of 13 faculty research labs, 15 teaching labs and a 100-seat tiered lecture hall was highly anticipated by the administration and students.  

Our team worked alongside the project team to perform Testing and Balancing and control sequence verification for a large manifolded air handling unit system and lab exhaust system. The air handling unit and lab exhaust fan systems were designed for future use. However, this resulted in noise issues in the ductwork and building pressurization problems. 

Through extensive testing and communication with the design team, construction team, and building owner, we were able to test the system and develop a modified control sequence that overcame the issues with noise and pressurization, while meeting the design criteria. Our unmatched thoroughness, and continuous reliability delivered an HVAC system that was quiet, energy efficient and met the client’s current and future design requirements.

Biocontainment Research Facility – Texas A&M

Biocontainment Research Facility – Texas A&MThe Global Health Research Complex at Texas A&M is a 119,000 square foot Biocontainment Research Facility dedicated to improving the health of humans and animals across the globe.  EAB provided Testing and Balancing services for all HVAC systems, water balancing for critical lab equipment, point and sensor calibration verification, control sequence verification and sound testing.  

The critical and complex environment required our team to be very thorough, and technically astute. We were able to verify system operations by testing the N+1 system during both normal and critical operation.  

Due to the complexity of the project, numerous changes were made to the original design to ensure the building would function as intended. Construction was on a tight schedule with a lot of simultaneous activities that could negatively impact testing. In order to create an efficient work environment for all parties and minimize project lost time, we attended daily coordination meetings and engaged in continuous communication. As a team, we worked together to find solutions that met Texas A&M’s unique needs. 

Despite the challenges and complexity of the project, EAB delivered an optimum operating facility that is both functional and safe for laboratory use. 

Zayed Building – M.D. Anderson Cancer

Zayed Building – M.D. Anderson CancerEAB played an important role in the construction of the 625,000 square foot Zayed building at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. The HVAC systems supporting the laboratory areas contain air-to-air heat recovery systems and all systems are designed with N+1 redundancy. A full emergency power system with N+1 capacity supports the research operations, as well. 

In 2011, EAB was engaged during the design phase of the project to provide commissioning design review on the MEP and Life Safety Systems. Afterwards, EAB was awarded the HVAC/domestic hot water testing, Testing and Balancing and the Building Commissioning scope.   

The Testing and Balancing scope included testing of the built-out areas, capacity testing of all core and shell equipment, domestic hot water loop balancing, and process water loop balancing.  The Testing and Balancing scope also included BAS control point and sensor calibration verification with the owner and BAS vendor. 

The Total Building Commissioning scope included management of the commissioning process, as well as, witnessing of factory equipment testing, creation and review of all system verification checklists, development and facilitation of all Functional Performance Testing and Integrated Systems Testing for the entire facility. Our team reviewed the owner’s training process, as well as, all O&M documentation for compliance with the project requirements.   

This project involved a unique air-to-air energy recovery system. It was the largest installation of its type as each unit contained 120 energy cores. The client requested that we test these cores in our laboratory to verify the performance and ensure that contaminated exhaust air would not infiltrate the clean outdoor air sections of the core prior to the technology being utilized on the project.  

Successful completion of this project gave EAB the recognition in the commissioning industry to continue conducting projects of this size and complexity.

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