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Engineered Air Balance is the leading authority in total system balancing and building commissioning at the forefront of industry standards and training. We observed a pressing need for Critical Environment Certifications (CEC) services that could deliver precision, reliability, and transparency in critical environments, where the stakes are exceptionally high. Our approach has always been to provide exceptional expertise and value, ensuring that our clients receive thorough and accurate certification. Our team is equipped with extensive technical knowledge and decades of expertise working in pharmaceutical, healthcare, laboratory, and research institutions.  

We will ensure the facility and equipment meet the highest standards and guidelines from ANSI, NSF, ASHRAE, AABC, CETA, FDA, ISO, IEST and USP. We also work closely with all involved to ensure site specific standard operating procedures are followed.

Contact us to learn more about EAB Cleanroom Certification Testing, USP Sterile Compounding Facility Certification, Biological Safety Cabinet Testing, HEPA Filter Integrity Testing, Fume Hood Testing, and Viable Environmental Sampling.

Cleanroom Certification Testing

EAB offers specialized testing of cleanrooms throughout the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Our certified testing specialists are specifically trained to adhere to current ISO standards and cGMP guidelines and will follow site specific Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to ensure an optimum operating facility.  

USP Sterile Compounding Facility Certification

Our team includes Registered Certification Professionals for Sterile Compounding Facilities (RCP-SCF) accredited by the CETA National Board of Testing. We ensure that your sterile compounding facility meets or exceeds current USP and ISO standards.

The certification process includes room differential pressure verification, measurement of air change rates, environmental monitoring for microbial growth, temperature and humidity measurements, airflow visualization, laminar airflow device certification, HEPA filter integrity testing, and room air cleanliness classification by particle count measurement.

Total System Balance

Biological Safety Cabinet Testing

Our team is trained and certified to ensure that each biological safety cabinet we test meets the latest NSF/ANSI 49 Standards and manufacturer specifications. We will ensure a safe and optimally operating cabinet so that you can have confidence in your equipment. Our rigorous testing validates the effective personnel, product, and environmental protection afforded by these primary engineering controls.

HEPA Filter Integrity Testing

EAB offers specialized testing of HEPA filters for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and manufacturing industries. This testing includes integrity testing, velocity testing, and uniformity testing. We also offer HEPA filter installation and repair services.

Fume Hood Testing

As an industry leader in Fume Hood Testing, EAB ensures that our team is following the latest ASHRAE 110 procedures as well as ANSI/ASSP Z9.5, and EPA guidelines. Our team provides face velocity testing, smoke visualization testing, site assessment, and alarm testing. While on-site, our team will conduct a thorough equipment assessment to ensure user safety and proper facility integration

Viable Environmental Sampling

Our team works closely with a state-of-the-art testing laboratory to assess the presence of microbial growth in classified spaces. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive environmental monitoring report. Our expertise allows us to identify potential sources of contamination and help you troubleshoot by finding effective solutions. We also assist by monitoring trends over time to help you assess your facility and staff’s performance.

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