Total System Balance

Total System Balance

Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. originated the term Total System Balancing, now widely accepted as our industry’s benchmark. This comprehensive approach tests and validates every component of an HVAC system and encompasses the complete spectrum of air handling equipment, hydronic systems and controls. We test and balance HVAC systems and subsystems so they perform at design intent and operate at optimum efficiency, which controls energy costs, reduces HVAC system malfunctions and maintains facility occupant satisfaction.

Our project managers, coordinators and supervisors develop a test plan that covers all of the components and verifies the appropriate interfacing between components. In addition to creating the test plan, our work includes reviewing documents and specifications for balanceability during the design stage, construction observations, witnessing duct pressure tests, reviewing submittal data with close attention to the control submittal and submitting reports with our observations.

In implementing the test plan, we check for optimal noise, temperature and airflow conditions, plus performance of pressurization and smoke control systems. Tests cover peak demand and seasonal conditions. Testing procedures dynamically establish each control point calibration, location and name and how the point is displayed in the controls graphic package. A resolution-tracking document identifies deficiencies between the specified and observed performance. After deficiencies are corrected, we retest.

The final product is our complete documentation of performance data including all changes to sequences of operation and the pertinent submittals and marked-up set of mechanical plans with numbers corresponding to the equipment noted in our reports — all presented in an electronic format that is easy for facility engineers and maintenance staff to reference.