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30 years


"I am proud to be a part of the EAB team and excited to play such an integral role in growing and developing our training programs to positively impact the future of our industry."
Derek Glenn

Career Progression

Career Progression


Derek earned a Bachelor of Science in International Economics from Texas Christian University in 2006.


Immediately following graduation, Derek joined Nabors Industries as an asset coordinator where he managed millions of dollars in capital equipment for a drilling contractor. In short, he was responsible for ensuring critical operational functionality while keeping costs at a minimum in the fast-paced and demanding oil and gas industry. Over time Derek’s role and responsibilities grew due to his ability to operate autonomously and successfully complete projects. Derek credits his time at Nabors for developing his strong work ethic and ability to work with different people from different backgrounds and viewpoints.


Derek transitioned into a sales role at Canrig Drilling Technology, LTD in 2013. In this role, he represented a highly technical line of drilling products and honed his skills in customer relationship management. At Canrig, Derek was able to tie his understanding of people and their motivations to technical knowledge leading to sales success.


Derek joined EAB in 2020 as Training Center Manager and manages the day-to-day operations. Derek’s extensive technical experience, his willingness to meet challenges head-on, and his exceptional relationship management skills have led EAB Training to great success and growth.

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Which of these core values (Integrity, Quality, Consistency and Teamwork) do you most identify with, and what does it mean to you?

It would be easier if I could primarily identify with just one, but I view them all as critical parts of a whole that make up what I believe in and more importantly the culture here at EAB. Each one of our core values plays such an important role within the others, that I feel each is extremely important. EAB’s core values, and their adherence to them, are some of the key reasons I joined this fantastic organization.

What is your ideal room temperature, and why?

Since I’m originally from West Texas, I typically prefer a warmer, drier climate.

What is your absolute favorite thing about working for EAB?

Simply put, it is the people. I have never met a group that is more dedicated and passionate about what they do and who they are as a company.

What did you want to be when you were little?

A ninja.

What do you like to do on your days off?

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