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30 years


"The first day I started at EAB, I was told that I did not need a college degree to be promoted within the company. 35 years later it still remains true, if you work hard, learn from your mistakes and challenge yourself to improve every day, nothing holds you back at EAB but yourself."
Terry Wright

Career Progression

Career Progression


“Prior to my employment with EAB in 1985, I did not have a college degree, but I had 10 years prior experience. EAB gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain confidence in my abilities by starting as a Field Technician.” - Terry Wright

1985 - 1988

Towards the start of his career, Terry worked and managed various TAB projects, including elementary schools and high schools representing a majority of all the school districts in southeast Texas.

1986 - 1987

Terry’s first major hospital project after being promoted to a supervisor was the Methodist Hospital Dunn Tower. This was a new learning experience after having worked on small computer facility projects in the past. Upon completion of this project, he realized that there was so much more to learn in this business. It was a challenge that he enjoyed and prepared him for what was to come.

1987 - 2012

EAB was contracted to balance a computer manufacturing plant which continued to have issues after prior balancing attempts. What started as one project, turned into 22 years of work for Terry and his team. Over this period of time, the Compaq Computer/Hewlett Packard facility grew to 7 manufacturing buildings and 15 office buildings with a combined 72 floors of office space and laboratories. His role started as a Supervisor, then Project Coordinator, and by the time the buildings had changed owners, Project Manager.


Terry became a Certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) through the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC).

2008 - 2012

During his time as Project Manager, Terry had the opportunity to work for MD Anderson Hospital. Though having worked on several projects at MD Anderson Hospital, this was a 21-story facility. Being Project Manager meant that he was on the project every day. He learned the necessity and rewards of organization, communication, and coordination with the project team. This project would ultimately prepare him for future responsibilities as Senior Project Manager.

2009 - 2015

As a Senior Project Manager, Terry was responsible for various medical and research facilities in the Houston area.

2015 - 2021

With an impressive career at EAB, Terry is currently serving as a Field Operations Manager in Houston. His duties include the scheduling of all projects, manpower and communicating project updates to the project management team.


Terry Wright retired from his position as Field Operations Manager at EAB, marking the end of an impressive and extensive career in the field. His retirement was celebrated by colleagues and the industry alike, recognizing his contributions and the legacy he left behind in the field of building systems and operations management.


After a brief retirement, Terry Wright returned to EAB, not in his previous operational role but as a Training Instructor. In this new capacity, Terry began to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with a new generation of technicians and engineers. His return was motivated by a desire to give back to the industry and ensure the continuation of high standards in the field of test and balance engineering.

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More About Terry

More About

Which of these core values (Integrity, Quality, Consistency and Teamwork) do you most identify with, and what does it mean to you?

I identify most with teamwork because I am passionate about working together to serve others. When we come together as a team, we are able to achieve our goal of delivering an optimum operating facility, while building trusting relationships.

What is your ideal room temperature, and why?

73, not too warm, not too cool, just right.

What is your absolute favorite thing about working for EAB?

I love working for a company that is highly respected in the industry, because of the consistency and quality of the work we have performed since 1956. I also appreciate working for a company that is truly concerned about the health and prosperity of you and your family.

What did you want to be when you were little?

A pilot. My father was in the Air Force and growing up, we watched many war movies together.

What do you like to do on your days off?

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