Defining the Difference: Our Independence

At Engineered Air Balance (EAB), our independence is the cornerstone of our approach. It signifies a trustworthy voice for all parties involved and ensures that we maintain the highest standards of integrity. Our unwavering loyalty lies with the project and its owner, free from external control and without affiliation with other entities. This independence serves as a unique value proposition, setting us apart in the industry.

EAB is proud to be a charter member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), a premier organization that certifies TAB agencies that adhere to stringent industry standards. This certification validates our commitment to providing unbiased perspectives and exceptional service quality. When you choose EAB, you can have confidence that our services have undergone thorough assessments, guaranteeing independence and quality.

Our Independence offers Value to Owners and Owner Representatives

Our independence means we can offer a distinct voice in any project, free from interference by other interests. We evaluate the performance of your air and water systems, ensuring they function optimally to provide the highest comfort levels. We advocate for the most efficient systems and best practices in design, unswayed by outside influences, which often results in cost savings, improved performance, and extended equipment lifecycle.

Our Independence offers Value to Design Teams

As a part of your design team, our independent status allows us to provide unbiased advice, valuable insights, and constructive criticism, uninfluenced by external factors. We contribute to the design process, offering TAB perspectives that may often be overlooked. We aim to ensure that the system design meets the owners’ needs efficiently and sustainably.

TAB TeamOur Independence offers Value to Commissioning Teams

For the commissioning team, our independence is priceless. As an independent firm with no ties to contractors or suppliers, we focus solely on ensuring that systems are installed, adjusted, and perform as they should prior to functional testing. We are your reliable source for air and water system balance verification, offering an extra layer of quality assurance that you have optimum operating systems.

Our Independence offers Value to Manufacturers

Manufacturers, too, stand to gain from our independent stance. EAB delivers impartial information to manufacturers regarding their products and equipment performance in real-world installations. Our feedback can be instrumental in product development, refinement, and improvement, ensuring they create products that meet and exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

In conclusion, our AABC certification, core values, and independence position us as a trusted ally to all stakeholders involved in the construction process. Whether you’re an owner, a part of the design or commissioning team, or a manufacturer, you can rest assured that Engineered Air Balance is a partner that will offer unbiased, data-driven insights and solutions. Our commitment is to work collaboratively towards the common goal of efficient and sustainable building systems, providing comfort for users and peace of mind for you. We are here to balance the equation, literally and figuratively, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction every step of the way.

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