Glenn Varner’s Retirement

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” — A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Glenn is set to retire Friday, December 30th. Glenn has been an integral part of the Engineered Air Balance team for the past 41 years. We are incredibly thankful for his friendship, his leadership, and his commitment to loving and serving others well. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, Glenn. We appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for everything.

When asked about his time at EAB, Glenn commented,

“Over the past 40 years, I have enjoyed watching EAB grow into the industry leader in Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning. I have also enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned from the founders of EAB with the next generation of EAB team members. The founding fathers would be very proud of their commitment and dedication to upholding the core values that will perpetuate EAB into the future. I know I am.” – Glenn Varner

What Glenn Means To Us

A Note from Brian

“When asked, ‘What does Glenn mean to Us’, there are not enough words to express his meaning to us and this organization.  He has been a friend, a confidant, a mentor and an old codger.  We have laughed until we have cried and cried until there were no more tears. We have hoped for the best but planned for the worst.  We have improvised, adapted and over-came.  Each time, as the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the greatest victory is that we all stood together, shoulder to shoulder, ready for the next challenge.

Glenn, you are one of the pillars of EAB. You upheld EAB’s Core Values, before they were formally acknowledged as our Core Values. You made a point to personally shake the hand of each employee on Safety Meeting Day. You have left a mark on each member of this company you engaged with and to me an impression I will never forget.  We all wish you and Carrie the best of luck on your retirement and a heartfelt thank you for your service of 41 years.” – Brian Moss

A Note From Kit

“Glenn has been my biggest mentor for the past 21 years at EAB. Under his leadership, I learned most of my testing and balancing skills. His technical knowledge, and years of experience prepared me for anything I might come across in the field. Glenn was the person I leaned on for advice and leadership as we started our commissioning department here in Dallas. While his industry experience is invaluable, there is one lesson I learned from Glenn that stands out by far…he showed me how to treat people.  Glenn truly cares about everyone around him. No matter what he is doing, he will stop to ask you how things are going outside-of-work, and he remembers your response for the next time he asks you.

A few years ago, my wife and I spent 10 nights in the hospital after her water broke at 29 weeks with our first child.  It was a terrifying time in our life. Glenn brought my wife and I a crock pot full of his homemade chicken noodle soup one of those nights. He had it in a bag with bowls, spoons, and a little bottle of something for me to get through the nights as I slept on a hospital couch. This small but meaningful gesture meant the world to me and my wife at that time. That is the type of man Glenn is, a great example of a leader, a man, a father, and a friend. He will be truly missed, and I have big shoes to fill as I fill his position here at EAB.” – Kit Brockles

A Note From Jason

“When I started at EAB, I had just graduated from college, celebrated Christmas with family, then moved to Texas with my recent bride over the course of a few days. I started work Monday morning and met Glenn to go over the company safety program and the very first thing he said to me was, ‘I understand you just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Congratulations, as that’s one heck of an accomplishment,’ and shook my hand. It occurred to me that he was the first person to offer me those congratulations, as during the chaos of moving, not even my family acknowledged it. I learned on my first day that Glenn’s dedication to “family-first” lifestyle reaches much further than his own family. He never walks past an employee without asking how they are, how their family is, and/or what they grilled the past weekend. I look forward to hearing about Glenn’s scuba trips and chasing Carrie’s marathon career in the future!” – Jason Hauska

A Note From David

“Glenn has been a friend, leader, teacher, and mentor at EAB for his entire career. In the early days, Glenn was instrumental in the development of our commercial core business with Trammell Crow, as well as, the foundation of the safety and training programs. He has been a professional, conservative leader and has had a positive, cohesive impact on the Dallas management team in his role as Operations Manager. Glenn and I continue to share our huge library of stories about our professional and personal time at EAB, those ‘memory-lane-times’ will be missed but we are all so proud and happy for Glenn. He has worked hard for EAB and has certainly earned his retirement and we wish him well in the next chapter of his life.” – David Harrell

A Note From Josh

“Glenn will be missed. I’d say he originated the open-door policy at EAB, but I believe he learned that from Mr. Reid, cofounder of EAB. From how to sand and re-stain the wooden box for an incline manometer, to faith, to family, Glenn has been there for us. The next generation will be poorer for not having his insight and influence. Oh…and he was a fair balancer.” – Josh Avera

A Note From Jeremy 

“As a young Test and Balance project supervisor, I looked up to Glenn for his vast knowledge in this field. But the most important thing he taught me was how meaningful appreciation is to a younger employee. He was quick to hand out praise when you did something well and if he came out to your project site, he never failed to pick up the check at lunch. Because of Glenn’s example, I try to emulate this with my team today. Something else I love about Glenn is that he always has a great story to tell. He truly has seen everything in the business, and he loves to tell you about it. I will miss his stories and all the laughs we have shared.” – Jeremy White

A Walk Down Memory Lane…

Glenn’s History at EAB

How did Glenn get started at EAB? What have the past 41 years looked like? What major projects has he accomplished? You can learn all of that and more here!


An EAB Special Highlight – A Champion Through and Through

Some wins you never forget, way to go, Glenn! 

  • 1st place in the Horseshoe competition at EAB’s summer party in 1990. 
  • 1st place in the EAB Annual Chili Cook-Off in 2016.



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