Recognizing Our Valued Partners: Control Systems Verification Workstations

Showcasing Our Control Systems Verification Workstations at the EAB Training Center

EAB Training is dedicated to providing comprehensive, industry-leading training programs for TAB Professionals, Commissioning Providers, Construction Managers, Design Professionals, and Building Operators.

Our commitment to excellence includes collaboration with industry partners which provides students with the opportunity to learn using the latest products and technologies in our state-of-the-art training facility.

As part of our curriculum, EAB Training has engineered custom training workstations to provide students with hands-on experience in a controlled learning environment. These workstations allow instructors to teach the operation and interconnection of each component controlling an air handling unit and terminal unit system. Students immediately apply concepts learned in the classroom to the physical equipment they will encounter in the field. Though miniaturized, the training workstations feature a functional air handling unit and VAV terminal unit, complete with simulated chilled water and heating water loops. Once students have grasped the function of each component and the intended operation of the entire system, instructors further reinforce these concepts by deliberately misconfiguring each workstation. The students are then presented with the challenge to identify the issues with their systems and devise appropriate solutions. This practical exercise simulates numerous common problems that students are likely to encounter on the job.

Industry Collaborators

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Belimo, Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI), Functional Devices, Inc. RIB, Distech Controls, and Greenheck for providing the components necessary to build our custom training workstations. These workstations allow us to provide students with hands-on training on live control systems and real-world technical problem-solving scenarios.

Belimo manufactures HVAC actuators, valves, and sensors for commercial applications. Belimo supplied the air handling unit return air damper actuators, outside air damper actuators, chilled water valves & actuators, and the terminal unit heating water valves & actuators.

Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI) is a sensor manufacturer for the HVAC/R industry who specializes in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality monitoring. BAPI supplied filter load switches, air handling unit static pressure control sensors, make-up air combination temperature/humidity sensors, and discharge air temperature sensors.

Functional Devices, Inc. manufactures products for the building automation industry and is best known for its Relay in a Box (RIB) brand product line. Functional Devices, Inc. supplied the power supplies, safety relay boards, operation mode selector relays, and supply fan current sensors.

Distech Controls is a commercial building automation company. Distech Controls supplied the air handling unit controllers, terminal unit controllers, and thermostats.

Greenheck is a manufacturer of commercial air movement, control, distribution, and conditioning equipment. Greenheck supplied the air handling unit fans, dampers, and mode control switches.

Recognizing Our Valued Partners

The EAB Training Center appreciates our valued partners for their support and provision of products. Their collaboration elevates the EAB Training experience for our students, helping to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel. We are immensely grateful for our partners’ commitment to excellence and our common vision of advancing our shared industries through education and innovation. Together, we are shaping a brighter future.

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