Texas Instruments RFAB2

EAB was honored to be a part of Texas Instruments’ newest project, RFAB2. Spanning an impressive 630,000 square feet, this 300-millimeter wafer fabrication facility strengthens the future growth of semiconductor manufacturing. The Texas Instruments RFAB2 facility achieved the LEED v4 Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. According to Texas Instruments, “It’s the first semiconductor factory in the United States and fourth in the world to achieve this certification.”

Balancing the Systems: Precision in Every Detail

Located in Richardson, Texas, the RFAB2 facility’s intricacies demanded meticulous attention to detail. EAB took on the challenge of testing and balancing the mechanical air and water systems, including vital components like the Deionization (DI) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. This mission was essential to create the ideal environment for semiconductor production.

The facility is divided into three levels: the Sub-fab, Wafer-fab, and Truss. The Sub-fab contains critical tools and equipment to support ISO 5 wafer-fab processes, while the Truss level houses essential fan filter units and cooling coils. The facility’s rooftop boasts two decks, one for scrubbers to purify process exhaust and another for make-up air units that maintain a constant 47°F supply air dewpoint temperature, ensuring precise operation of the sensible cooling coils. The two large central utility plants (CUP), located at the north and south ends of the fab, serve two distinct yet equally important roles. The north CUP is equipped with chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and heat exchangers, which help to maintain the required temperature conditions. Meanwhile, the south CUP features DI and RO skids that ensure the facility meets its process water requirements.

During construction, EAB was instrumental in ensuring the Sub-fab exhaust systems maintained the required pressures for tool installation while adhering to a tight project schedule. EAB’s expertise was crucial in testing and balancing the General Exhaust (GENX), Acid Exhaust (ACIDX), Caustic Exhaust (CAUSX), and VOC Exhaust (VOCX) systems.  In an effort to keep Texas Instruments’ production on schedule, tools were installed before the HVAC building automation system (BAS) was brought online. To protect the integrity of the production environment and equipment, EAB continuously balanced the air systems as each tool was installed, until the BAS was operating.

EAB skillfully proportioned three massive manual water balance systems to meet Texas Instruments’ construction and production schedules. The 54°F CHW system, with over 650 coils and 43,000 GPM, posed a significant challenge. EAB’s team collaborated closely with mechanical contractors and worked tirelessly to complete the balance before the facility became fully operational.

Making the Difference for Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments could feel the difference on this project due to our team’s unwavering commitment to collaboration, communication, and precision. EAB maintained close communication with Texas Instruments’ System Owners to keep the team updated with all current data. In an environment where change was the only constant, EAB’s consistency and adaptability were invaluable. We provided Texas Instruments with essential test data to provide peace of mind that each space of the RFAB2 consistently met pressurization requirements.

“I am very proud of our team’s commitment to this project. Our team worked consistently and adapted frequently to the dynamic changes of the project with the goal of delivering an optimum operating facility”. George Teasdale, P.E., TBE, Senior Project Manager





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