Tom Schlachter’s Retirement & Transition into EAB Training

Tom, didn’t you only just start yesterday?

Tom has been a friend, teammate, leader, and teacher to all of us here at EAB. He has been an influential member of the EAB team for the past 39 years.

Tom has recently retired as a Senior Project Manager at the Dallas office, but will continue to provide services on an as-needed basis, and will transition into an EAB Training Instructor.

When asked about his time at EAB, Tom said,

“After 38 years, I have come to the same conclusion each year that I have had it pretty good. I feel appreciated; I enjoy the people I work with. The work I do has the ability to positively affect the lives of others. I am part of something that is bigger than myself, and I enjoy mentoring others to carry on the EAB Way.”

It’s Time To Party

Tom has a tradition of wearing a Hawaiian shirt on Fridays. Once a superintendent on a job site called the office and asked to speak with “the guy in the loud Hawaiian shirt”. To celebrate Tom, we all decided to wear Hawaiian shirts at his retirement party.

What Tom Means To Us

A Note From Kevin

“Throughout Tom’s 39 years of service to Engineered Air Balance he has been instrumental to our success. He has been a mentor to many of our employees and will continue to share his knowledge by continuing to be an instructor within our EAB Training Center. I hope this chapter of your life is as fulfilling as the last 39 years!” – Kevin Underwood

A Note From Josh

“I have referred to the group of us that came up under Tom’s supervision as ‘Team Tom’. Well, on Team Tom we have a saying, ‘You got Tommed’. That means, if you were to present to him an issue without doing your homework first, he would point out everything you had missed…and I mean everything. Then you would have to discuss the steps to define the solution, followed by the potential issues that could result from the solution, generally all off the top of his head. This is not a short process. Watching a project team member get ‘Tommed’ is one of the things I will miss the most. Thanks for your wisdom, Tom!” – Josh Avera

A Walk Down Memory Lane…

Tom’s History at EAB

How did Tom get started at EAB? What have the past 39 years looked like? What major projects has he accomplished? You can learn all of that and more here!

The Journey Is Not Over…

We are thrilled to announce that Tom will continue with us as a Training Instructor at EAB’s Training Center. His 39 years of experience in the industry, and the way he mentors, leads and pours into those around him makes him the perfect man for the job.

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