Season of Goodness

When we reflect on Easter and the reason we celebrate, our thoughts turn to Jesus and all He did for us. We can’t help but think of the word “goodness.” In Mark 10:18, Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” This was in response to a rich man calling Him a “good teacher.” Throughout His teachings Jesus asked questions so those who followed Him would pause and think about who He really was.

Jesus was God made flesh, fully human and fully God. He never sinned and He was perfect, the encapsulation of “goodness.” The love of our Father in Heaven is so great for us that He sent His son to take on the weight of our sins by becoming the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross. 

Jesus’ death on the cross happened on a Friday – a day that has been termed: “Good Friday.” Why?  Because Friday led to Sunday. On Sunday, the day we celebrate as Easter, Jesus came back to life and claimed victory over sin and death. Because of the resurrection, we can grow in relationship with Him, receive forgiveness for our sins and live in eternity with Him.

This is the hope we have in Jesus, and the reason we celebrate Easter. 

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