Bridgeland High School – Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Bridgeland High School Building in Cypress, Texas

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD engaged EAB to provide Testing and Balancing services to their 12th and newest high school in Cypress, Texas. The construction of Bridgeland High School was a $120 million project, featuring a four-story academic tower.

Our team provided Testing and Balancing of air and water systems, control point and sensor calibration verification and control sequence verification within a 10-month time frame.

Bridgeland High School was challenging due to the size of the project and the time constraints, since the project had a hard ending date (school starts in August, so the school had to be open and ready for students no matter what kinds of delays or problems occurred). We developed a testing plan before the project to comprehensively test all the components of the HVAC systems and coordinated with the project team on all of our testing to avoid potential lost time.

What set our team apart on this project was our attention to detail and the ability to work successfully with the project team. This was demonstrated when problems started occurring on the higher floors of the high school as we reach peak summer temperatures in Houston. The third and fourth floors of the academic tower feature a large library surrounded by glass windows. During construction, the project team identified temperature problems that were occurring in this area even after our initial balancing of the terminal units. Our team was engaged to investigate and discovered two problems that previously went unnoticed by the project team. The windows were not properly sealed which compromised the building envelope. In addition, the chilled water system was not correctly adjusted by the contractor. As a result, the pumps were not able to provide enough chilled water to the air handlers on the higher floors of the high school.

After partnering with the general contractor and the design team to remedy these issues, the temperature and humidity were successfully regulated delivering a reliable and efficient facility which is enjoyed by students, faculty, visitors, and administrators.

“I am proud of how we worked together as a team to rise to the challenge and overcome obstacles such as this one, which required a lot of testing, re-testing, and coordination with multiple trades. Many problems can arise during construction and the solution isn’t always obvious. EAB always approaches every problem big or small with the same methodical approach in order to get it resolved.” – Paul Janus



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