Buc-ee’s, a beloved and renowned chain of convenience stores and gas stations, has found the perfect partner in Engineered Air Balance (EAB). EAB’s provision of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) services has proven to be pivotal in ensuring optimum operating facilities for Buc-ee’s. EAB is a Buc-ee’s preferred TAB provider serving the majority of locations in Texas as well as out-of-state locations including Sevierville, TN, Johnstown, CO, and Springfield, MO.

Services Provided and EAB’s Approach

At each Buc-ee’s location, EAB provides TAB services. This includes Total System Balancing for all HVAC systems along with the point and sensor verification critical to creating the optimum performance of the open concept retail space: combining the department store, the convenience store, and the food production spaces. These installed systems serve a massively sized space of up to 74,000 sq. ft. and beyond.

Each Buc-ee’s presents the unique challenge of blending energy recovery units, pre-treated outside air units, and several constant volume air handling units serving a large common plenum to supply conditioned air to the retail space which remains in 24hr operation while accommodating thousands of customers per day.

A typical project starts with EAB team members conducting a thorough walk of the site and preparing an observation report which highlights critical path items that need attention before the TAB process commences. Following this, a kick-off meeting takes place to assess the mechanical readiness for testing and balancing. During this and following meetings, EAB personnel are available to coordinate with mechanical and controls contractors as well as other team members to provide a thorough understanding of the design intent, system requirements, and sequencing necessary for the efficient performance of the HVAC systems, while securing adequate support and scheduling for TAB services. The EAB Team aligns their schedule with the project’s timeline to ensure seamless coordination. Should challenges arise, EAB’s expertise provides solutions with the goal of delivering an optimum operating facility.

Alignment of Excellence

Buc-ee’s commitment to excellence aligns with EAB’s core values (integrity, quality, consistency and teamwork), making the partnership ideal. Buc-ee’s has set an incredibly high standard in all aspects of their operations, from impeccably clean facilities to exceptional customer service and a wide array of food and gift options for travelers.

During the project in Sevierville, TN., the project team was faced with a significant hurdle during the later stages of the construction phase as it became obvious that the four largest air handling units would not be available by the scheduled opening date. The solution was to use temporary units to provide the necessary cooling to the sales floor until the permanent units could arrive. This set-in motion a chain of events that impaired project readiness and severely compressed the schedule set aside for the Test and Balance phase of the project. Undeterred, EAB’s team members booked last-minute flights to ensure that they were onsite and ready to test the temporary units and other systems as they became operational. Our commitment to Buc-ee’s on this project exemplifies EAB’s dedication to its core values and the effort of every team member to uphold the highest standards of service.

The construction and maintenance of the Buc-ee’s stores are held to a high degree of quality. We are honored that they trust and prefer our team to deliver this level of excellence on every project.

The EAB Difference

“You can feel the difference with EAB, as our efforts seamlessly blend with Buc-ee’s expectations and commitment to their customers. Buc-ee’s appreciates our team because of the standard of work we consistently deliver, resulting in a quality product and an optimum operating facility.” – Brian LaFleur, Senior Project Manager.

In conclusion, the partnership between EAB and Buc-ee’s has been marked by excellence, commitment, and seamless collaboration. Our TAB services have played a critical role in ensuring that Buc-ee’s maintains its high standards and provides an exceptional experience to their customers. As Buc-ee’s continues to expand and thrive, they can count on our team to deliver the best results and make a tangible difference in their facilities.


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