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Klein Cain High School

Klein Cain High School in Klein ISD is one of the largest high schools in the Houston/Metro area. The school is an approximately 685,000 sqft facility constructed on an 83-acre site, built to accommodate 3,500 students. This state-of-the-art facility includes regular classrooms, gymnasiums, science labs, food services, administration areas, weight rooms, and an aquatics center. Being such a large facility, the school was provided two separate heating water plants to effectively heat and dehumidify the building.

Engineered Air Balance provided total system balance with point-to-point BAS Graphic checkout, sensor calibration, and control sequence verification. Unique to this project, EAB also provided velocity pressure measurements using a digital micro manometer on every terminal unit serving the academic space. This was preformed to accurately calibrate the maximum and minimum outside airflow values for demand ventilation control and pressurization on the building envelope.

While the general contractor put together a well-thought-out construction schedule, this project experienced significant delays due to weather and materials. In order to overcome the scheduling issues and deliver an optimum operating facility, EAB provided weekly observation reports and deficiency resolution logs resulting in quality control and contractor coordination. Our client was successfully able to complete the construction of the school on time and the end-users had a more comfortable space at the time of occupancy. EAB was able to overcome construction delays and finish our scope of work in less than a third of the time usually given for a building the size.

Alvin Beddingfield Jr, TBE

“Our teamwork and focus on quality made all the difference for the Klein Cain High School Project. We were able to minimize delays, assist our partners on the project through effective communication, and deliver a comfortable space for the students and staff at Klein Cain.

I am proud of our team for their leadership, expertise, and flexibility in the delivery of an optimum operating facility.” – Alvin Beddingfield Jr., TBE,  Project Coordinator

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