University of Houston Clear Lake – STEM Building

EAB played a pivotal role during the construction of the new state-of-the-art, 121,000 square foot Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) building at the University of Houston at Clear Lake Campus. The addition of 13 faculty research labs, 15 teaching labs and a 100-seat tiered lecture hall was highly anticipated by the administration and students.

Our team worked alongside the project team to perform Total System Balancing on a large manifolded air handling unit system and lab exhaust system. The air handling unit and lab exhaust fan systems were designed for future use. However, this resulted in noise issues in the ductwork and building pressurization problems.

Through extensive testing and communication with the design team, construction team, and building owner, our team was able to test the system and develop a modified control sequence that overcame the issues with noise and pressurization, while still meeting the design criteria. Our unmatched thoroughness, and technical knowledge delivered an HVAC system that was quiet, energy efficient and met the client’s current and future design requirements.

“Our expertise with large laboratories really made the difference on this project. While our team is equipped with the technical knowledge and requirements needed for this type of project, we also have the experience to recognize problems, and offer solutions. When a connected building load was causing noise issues, we worked closely with the Design Engineer to find a solution. Working as a team, we delivered an optimum operating facility before the building opened for classes.”

 – Paul Janus, EAB Project Coordinator 

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