HPE Headquarters

In 2020, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) broke ground on its new global headquarters in Spring, Texas. The new campus consists of two five-story buildings connected by a bridge corridor at each level totaling 440,000 square feet. HPE purposefully created its new campus with its team and technology in mind. They set out to provide a comfortable, flexible, and state-of-the-art campus where technology is on display for visitors, and their teams feel encouraged to be creative and collaborate.

Engineered Air Balance was proud to be a part of this high-tech project. The general contractor engaged our TAB team for Total System Balance, and our Commissioning team was hired directly by the owner, which often happens on projects. The most significant hurdle to overcome for both teams was the global pandemic. It created new challenges with equipment lead times and personnel productivity due to the constantly evolving situation. To overcome these challenges, the teams relied on constant communication and coordination across all trades to ensure that the schedule and associated activities occurred as effectively as possible.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise headquarters buildingSpecific to the Total System Balance scope, our team tested every component of the twenty indoor air handling units, two rooftop energy recovery units, one makeup air unit, one hundred and thirty-three fan and coil units, five pollution control units, one kitchen exhaust fan, one general exhaust fan, one dishwasher exhaust fan, and forty-nine computer room air conditioners. In addition, EAB verified the chilled water pumps, chiller water flows, and completed the chilled and hot water balancing. Our technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness, and continuous reliability are evident in our final product: the complete documentation of performance data that is easy for facility engineers and maintenance staff to reference in the future at HPE.

“Our success on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Headquarters Project was directly connected to the level of communication our team exhibited. The continuous flow of communication amongst our team members and across all trades enabled us to overcome many challenges and ensure the delivery of an optimum operating facility.”
Brian Elsner, Commissioning Specialist

The EAB Commissioning team evaluated the entire mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scope and ensured, through constant communication, that there were no scope gaps between the integrated systems. Our team delivered the functional performance test scripts early in the project to allow for contractor review and to verify that all parties agreed on the expected operating results. Knowing that long lead times would be costly to the schedule, we set up mock-up systems ready for testing early to functionally test, identify issues, and allow solutions to be obtained earlier in the project.

Our technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness, constant communication, and proactive problem-solving enabled us to deliver an optimum operating facility for HPE.

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