Shepton High School – Plano ISD – Engineered Air Balance

Shepton High School – Plano ISD

Shepton High School in Plano ISD, home to over 1,400 students in the ninth and tenth grades, underwent renovations beginning in August 2017 extending to January 2019. Renovations were made to the existing 91,425 square foot building, as well as, a new addition of 28,000 square feet.

During the renovation, our team performed the testing and balancing of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. We reviewed the start-up documentation, control sequence verification, control point and sensor calibration verification of all BAS points and sensors from the field to the operator’s graphical interface.

The schedule was particularly challenging on this project. The phasing took place over approximately 18 months, some of which occurred during the school year with students and staff in the building. To accommodate this constraint, we adjusted our team’s schedules to working at night. Our team excelled in the documentation and coordination of the schedule. Ideas were suggested “with the end in mind” to ensure effective time and resource allocation.

While there was a clear division between old and new construction, oftentimes the mechanical lines of division were not as clear. For example, supply outlets were disconnected while still serving an occupied area because much of the ductwork was either recently demolished or newly installed. We partnered with the project team and Shepton High School to ensure disruptions were minimized.

Success was achieved at Shepton High School through consistent documentation of deficiency items, driving project team accountability, scheduling flexibility, and our unmatched expertise of HVAC systems.

“Our team really made all the difference on this project. The size and scope of the project required our team to be well organized, extremely diligent, and flexible to the needs of Shepton High School. Some of the project took place during the school year, which meant that our schedules were adjusted to working at night. With this adjustment, the project was completed on-time and to the owner’s specifications.

Dedicated to ensuring comfort, our team didn’t leave the property until we delivered an optimum operating facility.” – Eric Hamm, Project Supervisor

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