Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children North Campus

The five-story, 345,000-square-foot Frisco medical facility extends access to the century-old Dallas institution to North Texas children seeking world-class care. On the 10-acre campus, Scottish Rite provides pediatric outpatient services and surgeries for children with orthopedic issues including spine, hip, hand, and foot disorders. A Center of Excellence in Sports Medicine anchors the campus, specializing in the treatment of sports-related orthopedic conditions and concussions.

In order to deliver an optimum operating facility, The Engineered Air Balance team provided total system balance of the air and water systems, verified the HVAC control point and sensor calibration, and performed HVAC control sequence verification.  This project was unique in that it planned to open as a 23-hour facility and transition into a full-fledged hospital as demand increases. Also unique to the project, and not without challenges, was the extensive physical training area that included a large pool

“Our team worked hard and delivered a successful project that will impact the community for years to come. I was especially proud of our ability to assist our partners on the project to ensure that the owner was happy. Our team’s commitment to quality and attention to detail drives us to go above and beyond for our clients and Scottish Rite is a great example of that.” – David Faltesek, Project Supervisor

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