Toyota – North American Headquarters – Engineered Air Balance

Toyota’s North American Headquarters in Plano,Texas

Toyota’s North American Headquarters in Plano, Texas is a commercial office, and research facility plotting 2.2 million square feet on a 100-acre campus. This facility includes seven office buildings standing at six to eight floors, four parking structures, and a research building. The lower level consists of cafes, dining areas, a workout/gym area, and maintenance corridors.

In order to deliver an optimum operating facility, our team tested and balanced the HVAC systems, verified HVAC control point and sensor calibration verification and performed HVAC control sequence verification.

During the project, the general contractor tested the Stairwell Pressure Smoke Control Sequence and failed the Plano Fire Marshal inspection multiple times. EAB provided a solution that resulted in a passed inspection. Our involvement helped the project maintain its schedule.

Due to the size and scope of this project, an unmatched level of dedication from our team was necessary to deliver an optimum operating facility. Our team’s commitment to quality was evident in our thorough coordination, attention to detail, and strong team leadership.

Our team worked long hours to complete the project on-time. I’m very proud of our team and the integral role we played in the completion of Toyota’s North American Headquarters.”

– Josh Avera, Project Manager


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