UTMB League City Hospital Bed Tower Expansion – Engineered Air Balance

EAB had the privilege of working on UTMB League City Hospital’s Bed Tower expansion, a five-story addition to the existing main hospital tower. This project added additional patient beds to the existing hospital plus new spaces for sterile processing, an ICU, a pharmacy, blood bank, clinical labs, and a dining area.

Our team was hired to provide both Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning services during construction.

EAB attended design phase meetings, provided interim construction document reviews, and facilitated the kickoff and regular building commissioning meetings with the owner and contractors.

Integration into an existing hospital has a unique set of challenges due to shared resources and scheduling. Through weekly meetings with the construction team, we were able to ensure limited interruption of the existing building during tie in.

Aside from providing complete testing and balancing of all HVAC related systems, our team also verified HVAC control point and sensor calibration, developed, and performed HVAC control sequence verification, while working closely with the control contractor to test the new DHW loops for flow and pump capacity.

EAB supported UTMB by verifying full lighting control capabilities and assisting with Functional Performance Testing of the smoke control systems, and other life safety systems.

In addition, it was determined that Emergency Power System (EPSS) needed to be upgraded. Our team worked alongside the project team, and owner to ensure that the EPSS was fully upgraded, allowing the building to function on emergency power.

Our specifically trained team of experts succeeded in turning tested systems over in a timely manner to meet construction deadlines.

“The project was successful due to the coordinated effort from the entire project team. It should come with no surprise that teamwork is one of our core values, because we see it lived out on the field every day. Because of teamwork, we delivered an optimum operating facility that met the owner’s specifications and construction deadlines.”

– Tate Stoneham, Cx Coordinator


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