EAB Tip Of The Month: It’s All About Value!

Simply stated, the commissioning process should bring value to a project. So, what do we mean by value? Value is an additional benefit that is received that exceeds the cost. Some folks in the construction industry see commissioning as a process that adds cost to a project but may bring very few additional benefits. So where is the breakdown?

Do you feel like your commissioning process is successful and brings value to your projects?

If you don’t, we would encourage you to take a look at how your commission process is specified, managed and delivered. A good process delivers a functional, safe and efficient building that meets or exceeds the Owner’s Project Requirements.

You Can Feel The Difference with Our Building Commissioning Team

Our Building Commissioning team has the experience and the technical knowledge to deliver a highly valuable commissioning process on any size project in any market that we serve. Let us show how You Can Feel the Difference in value when EAB provides Building Commissioning services.

To learn more about our Building Commissioning services and the markets in which we serve, please visit our Building Commissioning page. If you would like to speak with an EAB team member, please visit our Contact Us page.

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