EAB Tip Of The Month: It’s Never Too Early To Start Testing!

When working on both TAB and Cx projects with clients, we are often asked, “When should you guys be brought onto the project team?” Often our response is, “As soon as possible!” To some owners or designers, this may be viewed as self-serving or a way to generate more scope, but we honestly feel that we bring more value during the design phase of the project than any other. One may ask how, given that most folks view our services as completed during the later phases of construction. The truth is that we can bring over 1500 years of experience testing systems to the design table. Our team members have tested virtually every manufacturer’s equipment, every control vendor’s system and almost every combination of the two within our core markets. This allows us to bring unique insight when new products or sequences are considered by the Owner or Design Team.  

Another unique service EAB can provide is laboratory testing. Many people do not realize that we have a state-of-the-art testing facility in our Houston Training Center location that can test virtually any air distribution and control device that would be used in HVAC systems. This can allow third party mock-ups, performance testing and adjustments during the design phase, before any equipment selections or components are ever installed on the job. This has provided a huge value on some large projects in the past and prevented costly delays and changes. 

Our team can also provide factory witness testing for HVAC, electrical power, controls or plumbing equipment to ensure specification compliance and functionality before a piece of equipment ever leaves the factory. 

In conclusion, TAB and Cx services can be just as valuable during design as they are at substantial completion. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how “you can feel the difference” with EAB during the design phase on your project.

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