EAB Tip Of The Month: Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

There is a saying in the real estate business….”Location, Location, Location!” Location is everything when determining market sentiment and ultimate sales pricing. In the construction industry, that statement is “Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!” The success of every construction project depends upon the ability to define an accurate schedule and execute the project according to that schedule. Often that seems easy at a high level, but becomes much more difficult when the moving parts (and their interactions with one another) are analyzed. 

One of the biggest challenges that we face as a TAB firm is construction schedule challenges. Often our activities are placed too early in the project when systems are not ready or more often at the very end of the project when all systems are complete. While the latter is usually appropriate, the ending activities in the schedule are most frequently compressed when all the earlier tasks are not completed on time. 

Moreover, there are misconceptions in the construction industry about when TAB can start based upon the readiness of certain building systems and assemblies (such as open ceiling plenums). This is a good reason why the TAB firm should be engaged during the early construction phase of the project.  Not only can the TAB firm assist with coordination of scheduling construction activities specific to the project, they can also provide valuable services such as construction observations, submittal review and have the opportunity to engage the construction and design teams when clarification of design intent or Requests for Information (RFIs) are required. 

At EAB, we bring over 1500 years of experience to the team in coordinating TAB efforts with construction schedules and ultimately completing complex projects on tight deadlines. Let us show you how your project team can Feel The Difference with EAB as a member.

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