Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) and Your Commissioning Provider

Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS)

Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) are required equipment in healthcare, research, and mission critical facilities. Whether it be a natural disaster, severe weather or an unplanned utility outage, these facilities must have the backup systems to maintain power in the event of a utility power failure.  This is well known among designers and operators of commercial buildings. What is not well understood is the interconnection of these systems to others that are critical for their operation.

Generators, Paralleling Switchgear, and Automatic Transfer Switches are the essential pieces of equipment for a functioning EPSS. However, there are critical subsystems such as fuel delivery and mechanical ventilation that are often overlooked, but will shutdown the best EPSS if not designed, installed and commissioned properly. Often these systems are designed by different engineers (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), purchased from different suppliers, and installed by different trades that may not understand the importance of the interconnections.

This is why it is critical that a competent commissioning provider is part of the project team to look across disciplines and specification divisions to analyze, coordinate and test the functionality of these integrated systems so that when they are called to action in the worst of situations, they function as required to support the facility.

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At EAB, our commissioning team has decades of experience reviewing, analyzing and functionally testing complex EPS Systems. Let us show how You Can Feel The Difference when EAB commissions the emergency power systems in your critical facilities.

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