Laboratory Controls: Speed or Accuracy – Which is Better?

Laboratory Control Systems

Laboratory Control Systems are classified as either passive or active airflow control. Passive control devices are factory calibrated to maintain a certain airflow across a pressure range based upon mechanical components within the device.  Active control devices measure airflow and modulate to maintain an airflow set point. Laboratory Control Systems are required to be fast acting to control containment within variable flow fume hoods as well as the lab envelope. The great debate in the industry is whether a “fast” passive device is better than an “accurate” active control device.

Through our laboratory testing services at EAB, we are the only independent company to have tested all of the major Laboratory Control Systems currently in the marketplace according to a standard procedure that we developed. We have the data to help lab owners and design engineers pick the best technology for their application. If you are interested in our Laboratory Testing services, please contact us to see how you can Feel the Difference with EAB.

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