Scheduled Equipment Data or Submittal Data? Which is Correct?

Scheduled Equipment Data or Submittal Data?

As TAB professionals, we are tasked with reviewing large amounts of performance data for the equipment and systems we test. There are design flows indicated on mechanical plans, scheduled performance data for equipment selection and submittal data provided by the equipment vendors. How do we know which data to use when there are conflicts (and often there are differences)?

The rule of thumb that we teach at EAB is that flows (air or water) that are designated on the mechanical plans and/or schedules are used for proportioning and determining total system flow. Submittal data is used anytime thermal capacities are verified or there is diversity in the system design.  The reason is that a piece of equipment is not designed by the manufacturer to operate past its nameplate or submitted ratings, even if this falls short of the total design flow for the system.  In the case that a variable volume air or water system falls short, the equipment would be measured to perform according to the manufacturer’s ratings, but the distribution system served by terminal units or control loops would still be proportioned to the design airflows.  An extra step would then be needed to evaluate the diversity or difference between the equipment capacity and the total system airflow.

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A good TAB firm understands this concept and provides Total System Balancing to ensure these systems meet the design intent.  Contact our team to see how you can feel the difference when EAB provides TAB services on your next project.

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