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Engineered Air Balance is the leading authority in total system balancing, building commissioning, and critical environment certifications at the forefront of industry standards and training.

Nation's Largest Independent Testing, Adjusting and Balancing firm since 1956

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Total System Balance

Total System Balance

EAB coined Total System Balance, widely accepted as our industry’s benchmark. This comprehensive approach to HVAC balancing tests and validates every component of HVAC systems and encompasses the complete spectrum of air handling equipment, hydronic systems, and controls.

building commissioning

Building Commissioning

We offer Total Building Commissioning Services, encompassing HVAC, electrical, life safety and laboratory or clinical systems; vertical transportation; and the building envelope — all systems that impact building performance.

Critical Environment Certification

EAB is the leading authority in total system balancing and building commissioning at the forefront of industry standards and training. But did you know that we are also a leader in Critical Environment Certification?

Laboratory Testing

Testing Laboratory

EAB is one of the only independent firms in North America that has performed testing of all the major LCS vendor systems according to a defined test criterion developed by EAB in coordination with various consulting engineers and building owners.

What Makes Us Different, Defines Us!

At Engineered Air Balance, we believe that these elements are the driving force behind our success and the unparalleled value we provide to our clients.

With our unwavering commitment to our Core Values, our ability to lead the industry with Thought Leadership, our extensive Practical Experience, and our dedication to Unparalleled Training, we embody an Ownership Mentality that sets us apart. Through our exceptional Project Leadership and Owner Focused Reporting, we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. Experience the Engineered Air Balance difference and discover the pinnacle of quality and expertise in the industry.

The Difference is Our Team

As experts in our field, our team is specifically trained, equipped, and technically astute in all markets we serve. Each member of our team is committed to exhibiting our core values of integrity, quality, consistency and teamwork.

With passionate integrity, our team is dedicated to ensuring comfort and safety, giving you, our client, peace of mind.

Optimum Operating Facility

Our technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness and continuous reliability sets us apart and delivers an optimum operating facility.

Today’s buildings are incredibly complex – from high performance architectural assemblies to state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing the indoor environment for the occupants and their respective organizational missions.

These high-performance buildings are a medley of sound design principles, advanced construction techniques, skilled and technologically advanced tradesmen and the latest in analytics to ensure proper on-going operation.

Unfortunately, a breakdown in any one of these areas can lead to failure of the building systems and their ability to support the occupants’ needs. Independent services are needed to review and measure all aspects of the building performance from initial design through the operations phase to ensure that the Owner’s requirements are met at every stage.

Energy Efficiency, Occupant Comfort, and Life Safety are three key measurements of building performance. EAB’s Total System Balance, Critical Environment Certification, and Building Commissioning Services verify all three of these critical areas to ensure an Optimum Operating Facility.

Air Balancing & Building Commissioning

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Higher Education
K-12 Schools
Mission Critical Facilities
Public Assembly

Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. is the leading authority in total system balancing, building commissioning, and critical environment certifications at the forefront of industry standards and training.

At EAB, our team of experts are uniquely equipped to train the next generation of technicians, engineers and building operators. Our state-of-the-art training center in Houston, Texas is committed to developing technical knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills to move the entire industry forward.

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