You Can Feel The Difference with David Harrell

“As an EAB employee, I have been provided a platform for learning that has not only developed all the skills required to perform the necessary hands-on tasks, but it has also allowed me to grow into an effective leader. EAB’s leadership, and our innovative team pushes me further, and makes every day a pleasure!”  – David Harrell

David’s History at EAB

Starting at an early age, David was provided the opportunity to intern with EAB during the summers in the early 1980s. In 1985, David became a Technician in Training upon graduating from East Texas State University with a B.A. in Marketing & Management.

Over the past 36 years at EAB, David has been an influential leader and teammate. Apart from the impressive projects he has worked on in a variety of industries, he has also become an expert in in Pharma Manufacturing and Clean Room Design and Testing and has become proficient in Mission Critical Workflow and Testing.

Currently, David serves as the Pre-Construction Manager for the Dallas office. His experience in facility testing, adjusting, balancing and control verification for HVAC systems has made him the perfect fit to lead the business development effort in the Dallas area.

Milestone Projects

David’s first major projects were with Alcon Laboratories (link to success story: This client provided David with the ability to develop his skills in the laboratory, manufacturing and clean room systems which provided a solid base for testing of sophisticated HVAC systems. Alcon Labs/Novartis remains a client today and has also provided the platform for the development of our HEPA filter and Clean Room Certification services. This led to a period of significant growth in David’s career path.

His next milestone was with MCI, a leading communications company and one of the largest long-distance providers in the country at the time. This client required extensive travel, providing David with the opportunity to make leadership decisions for the client on over 60 projects across the country.

Another project that had a significant impact on David’s career was UT Arlington. This was a university where Earl Underwood performed much of his field testing, so there were large shoes to fill. David proved himself more than capable and developed many of the skills needed for design review, project preparation, and project management during his time in Arlington.

An EAB Special Feature

When asked about his absolute favorite thing about working for EAB, David answered:

“From our leadership all the way to our interns, my favorite aspect of EAB would have to be the people. I have had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the most experienced members of our team. These mentors, such as Jim Reid, the 2nd President of EAB, and Earl Underwood, the 3rd President, have instilled the value of continued learning that I hope to pass on to those that I mentor today.”

More About David

What did you want to be when you were little? 

“Since a young age, I have loved playing sports. As a child, I dreamed about playing some-type-of sport at the next level. As I grew older, my passion for all types of sports quickly became focused on baseball and golf. Because of my dedication to these sports, I was actually in the position to consider playing at the next level. However, it didn’t pan out that way.

I like to think that I took the same passion I had for sports and applied it to my career at EAB. Both have been successful, and I am grateful for that!”

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