Engineered Air Balance and Critical Environment Certification Service

An FDA-regulated outsourcing facility that compounds medications faced significant challenges. They were grappling with pressure and airflow issues throughout their clean room suite, leading to a complete operational shutdown. Considering their operations were valued between $750,000 and $1 million per day, this shutdown posed a critical and costly problem.

Engineered Air Balance (EAB) responded to an emergency call from the facility. Upon arrival, EAB’s team, led by Jared Llewellyn, quickly identified and resolved the test and balance (TAB) issues affecting the facility. Their comprehensive approach didn’t just stop at identifying problems; they also offered tailored solutions, leading straight into the certification process.

The EAB team undertook the rigorous certification process for the entire clean suite. This process included the certification of bio-safety cabinets, laminar airflow workbenches, HEPA filters, and clean room classifications for each room, which involved particle count assessments. The team’s expertise in understanding total systems and their decades of experience in test and balance allowed them to not only diagnose the problems but also to implement effective solutions promptly.

EAB’s efficient and expert intervention enabled the company to resume operations within six days. This rapid response and resolution saved a substantial amount of money and downtime. The client was ecstatic with the outcome, as EAB delivered a complete project that exceeded expectations. Unlike certifiers who deliver bad news and offer delayed re-testing, EAB stood out by providing immediate solutions and fixes, demonstrating their unique ability to diagnose, troubleshoot, and prescribe effective solutions. Their knowledge of total systems is unparalleled, enabling them to set a new standard in critical environment certification and to deliver an optimum operating facility.

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