Laboratory Testing – Not Just for High Speed Lab Valves

Laboratory Control Systems

EAB is well known in the industry for providing third party performance testing of high speed Laboratory Control Systems (LCS). What may not be widely known is that we provide many more testing services in our state-of-the-art testing laboratory in Spring, Texas. Notably, we provide submittal phase testing of single duct, dual duct and fan powered terminal units when specified by our clients. This testing involves a mockup unit that meets the project specifications and configuration with the appropriate BAS controller mounted from the factory. We subject these test boxes to various tests including casing and damper leakage, airflow performance across a range of static pressures, and a full checkout of the intended sequence of operation for the project. This gives the design team and the owner peace of mind that the design intent can be achieved with the specified terminals and sequences before all of the units and controls are approved in the submittal process.

Often, minor problems may be noted during the testing. This is an opportunity for the design, construction and equipment vendor teams to work together to solve any issues before large numbers of terminals are shipped to and installed on the project. Therefore, we feel this service brings value to all parties, especially when new equipment models or control configurations are specified. Please contact us to see how you can feel the difference when EAB provides submittal phase terminal unit testing services on your next project.



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