Lighting Controls are More Than Just a Switch on the Wall

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls to most people means a toggle switch or maybe a local dimmer switch in an office, home or commercial building.  Most do not realize the complexity of today’s commercial lighting systems and the codes that mandate their control for energy efficiency based upon occupancy or daylight sensing. Moreover, as the technology increases, these systems are having greater integration with the HVAC systems for zone setback sequences as well as code mandated life safety sequencing. It is important and in many instances mandated by code that these systems are included in the Building Commissioning scope for a facility. Our commissioning team at EAB is highly experienced in the latest lighting control systems and how to effectively test them. Let us show how you can feel the difference when EAB commissions the lighting controls in your facility. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Building Commissioning page, or contact us directly.


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