Why Field Testing and Training Instrumentation is Critical

training instrumentation

EAB is well known in the industry for providing unparalleled service and results to our clients. One of the most important, yet often underappreciated factors of providing reliable TAB is the instrumentation used in the field; unreliable test instruments can render even the most diligent TAB efforts meaningless, which is why EAB maintains an array of field testing and training instrumentation that is unmatched across the industry. EAB is continually updating and upgrading our equipment, whether sourcing new higher accuracy thermal probes for our thermometers, providing early feedback to instrument manufacturers on products in development, or investing in emergent technologies that allow us to provide an even wider array of testing and balancing services.

The AABC uniquely allows its member firms to conduct in-house calibration verifications. In our drive to set the best possible example for other firms, EAB conducts semiannual calibration verification on all standard field instrumentation. Twice yearly, our field instruments are brought back to our offices, where our staff spend the day verifying the calibration of each instrument against NIST traceable standards. These calibration verifications range from four to ten points across the full range of the instruments tested, with accuracy tolerances that surpass industry standards. This frequency ensures that our instrumentation is maintained in the best possible condition, that our personnel have a deeper understanding of the instruments they use daily, and that our clients can have the highest possible degree of confidence in the reliability of our equipment and services.

In addition to testing our own instruments, our lab facility allows us to offer third party testing and calibration verification for a wide variety of instrumentation and tolerances. 


Article Written By Spencer Kelley


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