Training Center News: From the Desk of Derek & Bill, Coming To EAB Training in 2023

Coming to EAB Training in 2023

“What I’m most excited for in 2023 is the launch of our new classes in Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB), and Commissioning (Cx). In 2022, we released our TAB Technician – Basic Air & Water Systems course, the next step after taking our TAB Technician Fundamentals course, along with a Construction Manager class for some of our general contractor clients. The addition of our new classes allow us to offer a robust portfolio for EAB Training students that will grow the skillsets of TAB/Cx professionals who come to our Training Center.” – Derek Glenn, Training Center Manager

“EAB worked with widely recognized general contractors to develop courses teaching start-up and commissioning of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems for their construction managers. Participants expressed a need for hands-on training available in the training center along with classroom courses explaining the concepts. EAB is enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer Construction Manager MEP training in 2023 based upon the courses developed this year.” – Bill Chalmers, Technical Training Manager

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The Commissioning Provider courses for 2023 include: Electrical Power Systems, Emergency Power Systems, Lighting Controls Systems, Plumbing Systems, and Life Safety Systems. Read more about these courses on our training page

TAB Professional courses that are coming in 2023 include: TAB Technician Control Systems Verification, TAB Technician Advanced Systems (TBE Exam Preparation) and TAB Technician Laboratory Systems And Certifications. Read more about these courses on our training page.  

Interested in learning more about our Construction Manager courses? Visit our training page.  


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