Defining Excellence in Critical Environment Certification

Elevating Industry Standards with Engineered Air Balance

Engineered Air Balance (EAB) is not just a leader in Critical Environment Certification; we define it. EAB’s critical environment certification (CEC) services are complemented by our unique holistic approach, including total system balancing and building commissioning. By understanding individual components and focusing on their interplay, we provide an in-depth, comprehensive assessment that transcends traditional methods. This approach ensures facilities adhere to the highest safety, compliance, and efficiency standards.

A Broader Vision in Critical Environment Certification

  1. Comprehensive Cleanroom Certification: We employ specialized testing across industries, adhering to the latest ISO standards and cGMP guidelines. This ensures optimal operation within the larger framework, elevating the standard for cleanroom environments.
  2. USP Sterile Compounding Facility Certification: Our team of Registered Certification Professionals offers a thorough examination of sterile compounding environments, scrutinizing everything from air change rates to environmental monitoring. This detailed approach ensures a superior level of facility performance.
  3. Biological Safety Cabinet Testing: Adhering to the most recent standards, we certify biological safety cabinets, emphasizing their critical role within our clients’ broader safety and operational systems.
  4. HEPA Filter Integrity Testing: Our testing of HEPA filters goes beyond efficiency and integrity checks; we assess their integration within the facility to achieve optimal performance.
  5. Fume Hood Testing: Our fume hood evaluations are crucial to ensuring facility safety and operational integrity by following the latest standards and utilizing advanced equipment.

Integrity and Excellence: The EAB Promise

At EAB, integrity is more than a word; it’s a guiding principle. Our team is dedicated to delivering safety and comfort in every project, offering our clients peace of mind. We don’t just meet industry standards; we aim to set them. Our unique expertise and deep commitment to our core values uniquely position us in the realm of critical environment certification. With EAB, you gain a partner dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort with unparalleled integrity and excellence.

In conclusion, EAB’s holistic approach to Critical Environment Certification sets a new benchmark in the industry. Understanding the complex relationships within systems ensures that our client’s facilities are compliant and optimized for safety and efficiency.

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