Our Building Commissioning Team 

EAB is the leading authority in Total Building Commissioning, encompassing HVAC TAB, electrical commissioning, plumbing and life safety. As experts in our field, the dedicated team that staffs our commissioning projects are separate from our testing and balancing staff. The two independent teams allow us to provide objective, third-party services to owners.

EAB serves as the owner’s advocate throughout programming, design, construction and warranty phases. In the programming phase, we make suggestions to the design team regarding operational criteria and performance metrics. During design, we can suggest alternative control systems and strategies to improve performance and lower life-cycle costs. 

Once the design documents are complete, we develop system verification checklists that document systems from procurement through installation, start-up and operational testing. Project specific functional performance tests match control sequences with equipment installed. We also test MEP system performance with all integrated systems — emergency power, stair pressurization and smoke control systems, plus any specialized pressurization for biocontainment areas, hospitals, vivariums, etc.

Our final documentation provides benchmarks for energy use, guidelines for seasonal operational adjustments, start-up and shutdown procedures and diagnostic tools to ensure comfort and deliver an optimum operating facility.


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