From petro-chemical facilities to nuclear power plants to manufacturing facilities to pharmaceutical operations to technology production, Engineered Air Balance has tremendous experience with the unique challenges of the industrial facility. Our past projects include nuclear weapons production cleanrooms to industrial hydronic process control to industrial ventilation and even cooling systems for nuclear power facilities. In addition to our technical experience, our personnel understand the unique regulatory, safety and security requirements that are present in these facilities.

Featured Project(s):

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is a 4,000-acre plant with three 1270 megawatt nuclear reactors located 50 miles west of Phoenix. Built in the 1980s, the station is a major source of power for Phoenix and Southern California, capable of serving 4 million people. The only nuclear generating facility in the world that is not located adjacent to a large body of above-ground water, the station annually uses 20 billion gallons of gray water — recycled from wastewater plants — for cooling pumps that process 111,000 gallons per minute.

palo verde

Over a five-year period, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. performed testing, adjusting and balancing services for HVAC systems at all three reactors. Our testing identified temperatures in the containment building ranging from 133˚F at the higher level and 69˚F at the bottom level, beyond the maximum threshold of 120˚F. After performing troubleshooting and infrared testing, we recommended modifications that reduced the temperature stratification to a range of 116˚F to 86˚F.

The procedures we developed for verification of calibration of instrumentation, specific balancing methods and flow diagrams of systems are still used today to keep the station operating safely and efficiently. These methods and procedures were performed under the umbrella of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Alcon Laboratories
Biological Sciences Research and Development Phase III

The Biological Science Ph. III project is a 109,500 square foot addition and renovation of the existing W.C Conner R&D Research Facility. The facility consists of a new 50,000 square foot vivarium and cage wash facility and approximately 59,500 square foot of renovation to the existing office and vivarium of Buildings D, E, F and G. The areas are served by 100% outside air units with energy recovery, lab exhaust fans and heating water re-heat. Each holding room is a tracking pair of supply & exhaust air valves which maintain air differential pressures and exchange rates for each room.

We reviewed the overall design documents (plans and submittals) for balanceability, witnessed the ductwork pressure testing and air handling unit leakage testing. We tested and balanced the HVAC, chilled, heating, and domestic water systems. We developed and performed control sequence verification and verified calibration of all sensors associated with the systems tested.