Alcon Labs Fort Worth North Manufacturing Building

EAB has had the pleasure of serving and supporting Alcon Laboratories Inc. as a long-term client at their ophthalmic research lab facility in Fort Worth, Texas. As a trusted partner, EAB was once again hired to provide Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning services during the renovations to the existing north manufacturing building. 

The Testing and Balancing scope initially included review of the construction documents and submittal for balance-ability, construction observations, site testing, and witnessing AHU pressure testing. Then, our team performed testing and balancing on all HVAC equipment. Finally, our team performed all local BAS point verification and control sequence verification in preparation for functional testing by our commissioning team.

The HVAC commissioning scope included assisting with the commissioning plan, site observations and support, witness of factory equipment testing, commissioning meetings, creation of all system verification checklists for the HVAC systems, review of proper equipment installation, HVAC Functional Performance Test development, facilitating all Functional Performance Testing on the HVAC systems. 

During a lighting controls test site inspection, the EAB team found that only one occupancy sensor was installed in a large room that showed two sensors on the plans. Unaddressed this could have led to potential dead spots in the room which could cause the lights to turn off while the room is occupied. The team worked with the installing contractors to have an additional occupancy sensor installed.

Courtlan Roland, Commissioning Coordinator, commented on the project, “Our ability to bring everyone together really made you feel the difference on this project. As the commissioning authority on the project, we worked closely with the owner, engineers, and contractors to update the team week by week and keep the project moving forward. As a team, we were able to find solutions and ultimately deliver an optimum operating facility.” 




The project was successful because of our effective communication, our technical expertise, and our ability to work together as a team to deliver an optimum operating facility. 

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