Brockman Music and Performing Arts Center – Rice University

Music and Performing Arts Center – Rice University

EAB worked alongside Rice University in the construction of the Brockman Music and Performing Arts Center, a 4-story, 84,000 square foot facility with a three-tiered, 600-seat, European-style opera theater and orchestra pit for 70 musicians. The building contains many classrooms, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and a scene shop.

Because this is a performing arts center and the sound quality is of the upmost importance, EAB had some unique challenges. EAB was faced with balancing air handlers and terminal units, many without branch or individual balancing dampers. After testing and balancing the systems as-is, EAB verified areas by temperature and with the building empty, listening for potential noise to ensure the facility’s sound level requirements were met.

EAB ensured the client’s project would be a success by pretesting and balancing the high areas that were only available for testing during the early stages of the project. The high area ductwork and dampers were then covered with hard ceiling which prohibited access to the balancing dampers in the future. EAB returned after the areas were inaccessible to complete the balance of the units ensuring the proportion and design airflows were met.

“Strong communication with the owner and project team is vital in every one of our projects. The Brockman Music and Performing Arts Center project isn’t any different. If there is strong communication, and you have a great team who displays integrity, that makes the job successful!   

Also, once a project is completed, we never walk fully away. We are always accessible to our clients if anything should arise.” Brandon Morgan, Project Coordinator


Fun Project Fact

The supply grilles of the HVAC unit were arranged in line with the theater curtains, causing the heavy curtains to move. In order to redirect the air, the face of the air ducts needed to be adjusted. We were proud to help ensure a flawless performance at Rice University.

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