Facebook Fort Worth Data Center – Engineered Air Balance

Facebook Forth Worth Data Center

The Facebook Data Center is a 2,500,000 square foot campus located in Fort Worth, Texas, consisting of six buildings housing 22 data halls, a cold-storage facility, three administration areas, two central plants, and ten industrial water plants. 

With passionate integrity, our team performed the Testing and Balancing of the HVAC systems, sensor calibration verification and control sequence verification. 

Notably, Facebook has one of the largest fan array air delivery systems EAB has ever had the pleasure of testing. Each data hall has a built-up system consisting of 12 fan arrays of 15 fans each (180 fans) delivering approximately 1,270,000 cubic feet per minute. During the project, EAB developed special testing procedures for supply airflow, return airflow, and piping failure testing for ECH coils. Our team also developed a special field-testing apparatus that houses a set of flow stations and fits over individual fans in the fan array. 

Due to the overwhelming success of our testing procedures at Facebook Fort Worth Data Center, similar testing has been adopted at other mission critical sites around the country. Our dedication to integrity, quality, consistency, and teamwork delivered this successful result, and continues to grow our passion and knowledge of Total System Balancing. 

“You really were able to Feel The Difference at the Facebook Fort Worth Data Center project! As experts in our field, Facebook looked to our team to speed up the testing process. As a team, we were able to work together to find a process to efficiently test the fans while meeting Facebook’s desired requirements. EAB’s solutions greatly impacted the timeline of the project, what would have normally taken 31 days to complete, took our team only seven days to complete. As a result of this project, similar testing procedures have been adopted at other mission critical sites throughout the country.” – Paul Lewis, Project Supervisor

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