History of Alcon Laboratories


EAB has had the pleasure of serving and supporting Alcon Laboratories Inc. for over 30 years. When looking back on the years working with Alcon Laboratories, we came to realize that our team’s technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness, and continuous reliability built a strong foundation that Alcon Laboratories could trust. Because Alcon Laboratories’ systems were so custom, the projects would require our team to frequently “think outside the box.” Despite the unique circumstances, and with passionate integrity, our team would get to work and go above and beyond to deliver an optimum operating facility in their desired time frame. 

As we continued to provide quality Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning services for Alcon Laboratories, they asked for our assistance in a different area of service: Critical Environment Certification. Because of our expertise in critical environment HVAC systems, our team became the perfect fit to assist with these services. We made the decision to provide limited CEC services for Alcon Laboratories; specifically, we started with HEPA Filter Testing.  

When asked how EAB has maintained such a great working relationship over the years with Alcon Laboratories, Eric Reinhard, EAB Project Leader, responded,

“I think it comes down to the fact that we are good at our jobs, and that we have integrity. No matter the circumstance, we can find a solution, and Alcon Laboratories trusts us to do so. Also, our team is willing to take on new challenges to help our clients, the addition of CEC services is a great example of that. We will do whatever it takes, and they can rely on us to deliver an optimum operating facility.”


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