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Memorial High School – Frisco ISD










EAB was honored to partner with Frisco ISD during the construction of Memorial High School. This 387,000 square foot high school contains classrooms, athletic facilities, computer rooms, fine arts rooms, a library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and an auditorium.

Over the course of eight months, EAB performed the testing and balancing of the HVAC systems; and facilitated the building commissioning process for the HVAC and lighting controls. We reviewed the start-up documentation, developed and performed the system verification checklist. We also performed point and sensor calibration verification of all BAS points and sensors from the field to the operator’s graphical interface. Our commissioning team developed and performed the Functional Performance Testing procedures for the HVAC and lighting systems.

With passionate integrity, EAB has been Frisco ISD’s preferred Testing and Balancing partner for over a decade. By committing to our core values and delivering an optimum operating Memorial High School, EAB became Frisco ISD’s preferred partner for Building Commissioning.

“EAB has worked alongside Frisco ISD as their preferred Testing and Balancing partner for over a decade. On the Memorial High School project, the commissioning team was committed to providing the same quality service. Our team did not leave the site until we delivered an optimum operating facility! This is one of the major reasons our team stands out above the rest. Our technical knowledge and unmatched thoroughness continually sets us apart. The lessons we learned on this project positively affected future projects with Frisco ISD High Schools, and established EAB as Frisco ISD’s preferred partner for Building Commissioning.” – Chris Monday, Commissioning Coordinator

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