The University of Texas at Dallas Science Building

EAB provided Building Commissioning and Test and Balancing services for the University of Texas at Dallas Science Building, a four-story, 186,000 square foot, facility that houses the Department of Physics and the William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences. The facility contains classrooms, research and teaching laboratories, faculty offices, student collaboration and workspaces, plus 150-seat and 300-seat lecture halls. 

EAB facilitated the entire LEED Enhanced Commissioning process for the HVAC, domestic heating water and lighting control systems. During the pre-construction phase, EAB performed a design review and developed the commissioning plan. 

During the construction phase, EAB reviewed the start-up documentation, developed and performed pre-functional checks, and verified calibration and point integrity of all BAS points and sensors from the field to the operator’s graphical interface. 

During the Acceptance Phase of the Commissioning process, EAB performed the Functional Performance Testing (FPTs), the Integrated Systems Testing of the lab ventilation controls, and documented the Entire Facility Integrated Testing performed by the General Contractor. EAB also performed a Warranty Review 10 months after substantial completion of the project.

The Test and Balance scope of this project included an update to the central utility plant. Upgrades included replacing an existing chiller, cooling tower and condenser water pump and an additional cooling tower. We reviewed design documents for balanceability, reviewed HVAC submittals, performed submittal VAV box testing, performed 10% VAV shipment testing, witnessed AHU leak and deflection testing, performed construction inspections tested and balanced the HVAC systems, documented HVAC Control Sensor Calibration, developed and performed HVAC Control Sequence verification, performed sound testing, witness manufacturers field vibration testing, verified the operation of the domestic hot water system and assisted with building commissioning.

In the plant we rebalanced the condenser water system, tested the new chiller and performed a modified Cooling Tower Institute performance test on the two new cooling towers.

Stephen Watts, EAB Commissioning Specialist, comments on the success of the project,

“This project was successful because of the open line of communication between EAB and the quality assurance/quality control General Contractor, our consistent weekly team meetings that provided clarity and drove productivity, and the engagement, support and backing of the owner. In part due to our thoroughness and testing, UTD Science Building was able to achieve LEED Gold status.”

Thanks to the help of our team, not only was an optimum operating facility delivered, but the new Science Building was awarded LEED Gold status by the U.S. Green Building Council. EAB has the team and resources needed to provide occupant comfort, life safety, and energy efficiency in every stage of your project. Our expertise, along with commitment and consistency, ensure our client’s peace of mind every time. 


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