Feedback is Critical to The Secret Sauce of Commissioning!

So, what makes a quality Cx provider?

While schedule sequencing and planning is essential to successful project execution and completion, effectively tracking progress to make key decisions during the process is equally important. The commissioning provider on any project is tasked with tracking a large number of deliverables both for their team as well as the project team to ensure that the Cx process flows smoothly without delay. A quality Cx provider can supply real-time progress updates to the project team so that quick decisions can be made in the dynamic environment of construction, even when problems arise.

EAB utilizes an electronic Cx process management software that provides real-time status updates on key deliverables such as System Verification Checklists and Functional Performance Testing completion. This data can be filtered by relevant party, system or building area. This provides an invaluable tool in Cx meetings to allow the Owner visibility into the process and gives the Contractor the necessary information to make dynamic decisions if they choose.

How We Can Help!

We receive overwhelming feedback from the teams on our projects that the information we provide helps to make the project and the associated Cx process more efficient. Please contact us to see how you can feel the difference when EAB provides Building Commissioning on your project.

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