EAB Training: Custom Hydronics Training and Testing Area

EAB Training is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to ensure its students understand the big picture while learning the many facets of a given system. EAB Training’s custom Hydronics Training and Testing area is an exceptional example of such a solution.

Real-world hydronic systems typically span multiple areas of a facility. This makes it difficult to track the real-time effect a change in one location has on other points in the system throughout the facility.

Our custom Hydronics Training and Testing area not only condenses an entire building’s worth of pumps, sensors, coils, and valves into one localized unit, it can also be configured to represent different types of hydronic systems that one might encounter. Manual balancing valve, automatic balancing valve (ABV), pressure independent control valve (PICV), direct return, and reverse return systems are all represented. The use of valves from many different manufacturers makes the training scenarios even more comprehensive. The installed variable volume pump allows students to see the effect of low differential pressure (DP) on ABVs and the effectiveness of PICVs to control flow over varying DPs. Flow stations attached to each balancing point allow students to track the effect of the changes they make in real time, resulting in a deeper understanding of the balancing process.  Additionally, the process of filling and bleeding air from a piping system can be demonstrated using numerous automatic air vents installed throughout the pipe network. This ensures students understand the effect of entrained air on the overall operation & efficiency of the hydronic system and gain hands-on experience troubleshooting and resolving problems caused by air in the system.

Thank you to our industry partners for helping to make this incredible project a reality and demonstrating their commitment to moving our industry forward.

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